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Sandrine assists every year about 10/15 families
or individuals find
and purchase their new home.

If you’re considering buying a home, you want to
be sure you are assisted and represented by a
experienced, trusted
and knowledgeable real
estate agent with a finger on the pulse on
the local

How Sandrine will help You?

  • EXPERIENCED. Sandrine has been
    working in this marketplace since 2004,
    and has sold hundreds of properties. She
    will methodically guide you through your
    options as well as point out unnoticed
    features, faults or risks on the considered
    property. View the homes she bought and
    sold over the years and where they are

    help you win a bid on a competitive market,
    and/or negotiate on your behalf the best
    price, terms and conditions, and
    renegotiate your offer upon findings.

       Sandrine is committed to make clients for
life. She will guide you all the way to closing
and avoid pitfalls, renegotiate after a home  
inspection or an appraisal and keep the deal
together until it closes.
Sandrine Deschaux, RE/MAX Destiny
Senior Sale Associate, Top #1 Agent, 2016
907 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139
857 204 9872
Informing the Process and Assisting You
As Your Buyer Agent
857 204 9872
Map of the Homes Bought in 2017