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As you are about to embark in a wonderful journey to find your dream home, The Team at Sandrine Deschaux + Co is dedicated to make your home search and purchase stress-free, informed, and thoughtful.

We start with questioning what you like, what you need, how you live and how you project your life and future.

We weigh your options. We advise you.

Sandrine’s extensive knowledge of the local market and its economics, her sharp eye for design, and knowledge of the building components will add insights to your home search. The team will preview and skim properties on your behalf, be a force of suggestions, alert on upcoming listings, express the pros and cons on any given properties, and advise you in the offer strategy and all the way to the closing on your new home.

We draft a thought-through offer.

The team thrives in both a buyer and seller’s competitive markets by developing savvy offer strategies that will enable you to reach your goals. In a competitive market, they will know how to draft a winning offer. In a soft market, they will make recommendations to lead a negotiation and get the best deal possible.

We accompany you every step of the way.

Their personable approach, flexibility and availability make them reliable agents too. Integrity is everything, and we aim to forge long lasting relationships with her clients.

Let's start with a conversation.

As you get ready to start your house hunting and seek a trusted real estate professional, take that very first step to consult with her.

We speak French, Spanish and English.

Give us a call at 857.204.9872 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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