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Sandrine Deschaux + Co is an experienced local real estate expert and team, selling residential properties, based in Cambridge, Mass, since 2004. She knows the intricacies of our marketplace, its inventory, its people and micro-dynamics. She knows how to position your listing for success. 

Sandrine Deschaux sells an average of 25-30 homes a year on our local market and ranks consistently among the Top Selling real estate agents in her community.

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Preparing your Home for the Sale

As the visual impact of your home is key to your success, she will also bring the best in your space. Sandrine has integrated a concierge service to her practice with a team of two stagers who will make your home extraordinary - by styling or staging - and neutral enough to multiply the level of interest. 

Marketing Strategy

Print, Online and Digital Marketing: Whether you are selling a single-family home, a building or a condominium, she will tailor editorials and marketing strategy with leading technology that is always modern, innovative and ahead of the curve, to ensure your listing receives the exposure you deserve. Her marketing combines print and online advertising, custom sophisticated website, and a digital presence with both national and global outreach.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is both a science and an art, and years of experience inform her analysis and decision-making. A strategic market price, based on data analysis, price psychology and perspectives, is a direct function of the marketing, and will position your property effectively.

Representing you, Sellers

She is honored to be the face sellers choose to represent their most prized asset, and is committed to results, with the intent to forge long-lasting relationships.

Before & After

What we can do for your property

We can make your house feel new. Our In-house Styling & Staging Team will transform your interior to make it consensual and attractive to the most.


Exclusive Service with Sandrine Deschaux + Co

An In-House Staging Team

My team of two stagers / interior designers brings a high-end perspective and knowledge of what buyers are looking for in our marketplace to ensure your home shows beautifully. Staging involves cleaning, re-arranging, decorating and styling, and art placement to highlight the best features of your home. 

Styling Homes

Staging Homes & Art Placement

Watch All the Homes Sold in 2020

Watch our latest video with all the properties listed, sold and brokered by Sandrine Deschaux + co in 2020.

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Sandrine brings excellence to her work, advising her clients with honesty and integrity. She makes clients and friends for life, and hope to count you among her circle.

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