Best Places to View Fall Foliage Near Cambridge

Best Places to View Fall Foliage Near Cambridge

  • Sandrine Deschaux
  • 09/25/23

One of the major suburbs in the Greater Boston area, Cambridge is not only known for its prestigious universities, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but also for its stunning fall foliage near Cambridge. Buzzing with life and promise, Cambridge is also a vibrant residential oasis. With historic homes sitting side by side with modern condominiums, Cambridge real estate has a wide variety of architectural styles and historical influences.
For those who love spending time outdoors, Cambridge has a lot to offer. The city boasts many indoor attractions, but nothing beats exploring serene parks and walking trails. Here, you can get a taste of the Massachusetts lifestyle and discover the beauty of nature. Whether you want to head into the heart of the country or stay in the city while still feeling the peace that nature brings, this area has something to satisfy. These top outdoor destinations are some of the best places to view fall foliage near Cambridge and prepare for the cooler weather.

1. Fresh Pond Reservation

With 162 acres of open space, the Fresh Pond Reservation is vital to the Massachusetts ecosystem. Fresh Pond is the terminal reservoir fed by the water supply's largest upland reservoirs and features several forested areas, reservoirs, green meadows, and wetlands. You'll find a wide variety of wildlife here, all protected by strict rules and regulations. As autumn approaches, Fresh Pond Reservation offers some of the most spectacular views of the changing leaves. Guided nature walks, tours, and family programs are available for all nature enthusiasts. There are also special programs hosted here during the year, including storytimes and summer camps.

2. Cambridge Common

One of Cambridge's largest city parks, Cambridge Common offers something for everyone. Over 10,000 pedestrians and cyclists use the bike and walking paths daily, while young visitors flock to the playground. There are over 16 acres of park to explore, including historic monuments that detail important parts of Massachusetts' history. You'll be delighted by the stunning fall foliage near Cambridge Common, where the lush trees and landscaping create a picturesque autumn scene.

3. Charles River Bike Path

The Charles River Reservation stretches for 20 miles along the winding Charles River. This local hotspot has playgrounds, sports fields, boating opportunities, and picnic areas, but it is particularly popular for its bike path. Scenic and perfect for all skill levels, the bike path takes riders through Boston and the neighboring communities. Experience the beauty of fall while exercising past gorgeous homes and landscapes. If you have time, plan a picnic by the river's edge, the perfect way to end an autumn day in Cambridge.

4. Boston Common

Boston Common is America's oldest park and an integral part of Boston's history. Founded in 1634, Boston Common is known to residents as simply "the Common." It evolved from a community gathering place during the days of the Revolutionary War to a park-like green space that draws residents of all ages. There are 50 acres to explore, from space for ice skating in the winter to softball fields in the summer. However, it is a particularly beautiful area in the fall. The park's trees shed their leaves over visitors and the many historical monuments, raining slivers of orange, red, and yellow all over those who wander its grounds. For autumn beauty and an abundance of Boston history, visit the Common.

5. Public Garden

Another noteworthy addition to Boston's history, the Public Garden is America's first public botanical garden. The Public Garden was founded in the 1800s, with multiple winding walkways and dozens of different varieties of plants and flowers. The Boston Parks and Recreation Department carefully maintains the Public Garden, offering a variety of exciting events and programs all year.
If you want to enjoy fall foliage near Cambridge, the Public Garden is among the best places. Not only can you watch the leaves change, but you'll enjoy a charming setting that offers a glimpse into the past even as it embraces the future.

6. Mohawk Trail

A short drive outside Cambridge, the Mohawk Trail is a major attraction for residents and visitors alike. The Mohawk Trail is a quiet country drive that takes you past many of New England's most vibrant small towns. You'll drive past historic churches and numerous small businesses, including country stores and adorable bakeries. However, the real draw of this stretch of road is the fall foliage near Cambridge you'll enjoy. Rolling hills, towering trees, and peaceful hollows will draw you in, captivating you with the natural beauty of Massachusetts.

7. Blue Hills Reservation

The Blue Hills Reservation is another attraction located just minutes outside Boston. Explore the beautiful 7,000-acre state park with 125 miles of scenic walking trails and peaceful picnic spots. This day-trip destination is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. Incredible views are the hallmark of Blue Hills Reservation, with many avid skiers heading here every winter to enjoy the slopes. To get one of the best views in the state, climb to the top of Great Blue Hill and take in the surrounding scenery.

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8. Noanet Woodlands

One of the most spacious reserves in Massachusetts, Noanet Woodlands covers over 600 acres of stunning wooded space. There are over 16 miles of walking trails, perfect for those who want to visit with pets or small children, as well as areas for skiing and horseback riding. To get an incredible view of the Boston city skyline, head to Noanet Peak and bring your camera. Or, for a more laid-back experience, bring a picnic and take in the animals and native plants around you. Regal hawks fly overhead as colored leaves fall, providing a backdrop to your visit to the Boston staple.

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