Best Dog Walkers and Trainers in Cambridge Mass

Best Dog Walkers and Trainers in Cambridge Mass

  • Sandrine Deschaux
  • 10/16/23

Best Dog Walkers and Trainers in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Owning a pet means sharing your life with an adorable furry companion with the utmost dedication and love. The peace your heart drowns in after acknowledging that you can share all your joyful and tragic moments with your pet is inexpressible. They will cuddle and lick your tears away, making you feel owned and noticed. The care your furry friend provides you with deserves the same in return. Thus, it is obligatory for you to give your pet essential emotional, mental, and, most importantly, physical care.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is known for its love for pets and is home to furry animals. You can hear melodic Ruffs, Meows, and Chirps all day, echoing through every neighborhood. These pets are what make Cambridge alive and lively. Taking this into notice, it makes sense that growth in the need for pet walkers, trainers, and carers has resulted from the increased number of pet owners.

Therefore, you'll discover that Cambridge has your back whether you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of your profession, are dealing with health issues, or simply want to give your cherished four-legged companion the best care and training possible.

Here is a detailed list of the top local dog walkers and trainers.


Dog Walking in Cambridge

Dog walking is a skill of understanding and observing a pet. Pet owners in Cambridge have acknowledged the importance of dog walking and look forward to it now and then. Despite the need for a pet walker, it is critical for pet owners to opt for a professional and trustable dog walker that not only provides your pet with essential exercise and drills but also assures they have company and an extra set of eyes on them while you're out. So, to guide you through this, here are some leading dog walker services in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

LaundroMutt, West Cambridge

LaundroMutt is a pet service company founded on the base inspiration of their German shepherd, Maya, who suffered from a skin condition and was treated with the help of medicated baths and quality care and treatment. This business is run by a family who have devoted their lives to serving pets to assure their wellness and fitness. They are known for their gentle and loving attitude towards pets of all kinds and breeds.

They have a variable price range for their services. They are relatively famous for services like DIY baths, Grooming, and drop-off baths, but they also provide services that include physical and mental stimulation and dog walking with vigilance. They also have a shop dedicated solely to pet treats and toys.

Address: 489 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Timings: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Boston Dog Company, East Cambridge

The storyline of this company Boston Dog Company starts with their pet, Teddy, who suffered from an almost fatal injury. From then on, they dedicated their work to title their company the safest dog daycare globally. The Boston Dog Company is the most famous pet well-being company that extended to 5 locations, and Cambridge is one of them. This pet service company is an award-winning dog daycare with diverse versatility regarding services and affordability.

When it comes to services, They not only give your pets a squeaky clean bath but also provide services like pet taxis, dog bathing, dog boarding, dog wellness examinations, and the most popular dog walking. They flaunt your dog with the absolute best treatment and treats as well!

Address: 555 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Timings: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm


Crate Escape in West Cambridge, No more waiting for the next walk!

Crate Escape is a hidden pet service gem in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They welcome your fuzzy pets with open arms and heart-warming smiles. They offer a versatile range of services with an affordable range of prices. They prioritise safety measures, but that does not hurdle your pet’s adventurous and exciting activities.

With dog walking being their most popular service, other services in line may include pet grooming, exercising, training, overnights and daycares. They leave a visible blueprint of care and enchantment on your pet as a sign of reliability.

Address: 368 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Timings: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm


Elliotshouse in Union Square, a Dog Day Care

Although Elliotshouse is in Somerville, MA, it was an absolute treasure for pet owners living in Cambridge. Majority of the residents in Cambridge, MA, are loyal clients who travel 2 mi to visit this pet care fortune. They consider your pet as theirs and thus provide them with the utmost experience filled with love, care and adventures.

Their first and foremost priority is to make your pet feel at home and monitor its wellness. Their pet assistance may include boarding, grooming, pet-sitting, dog daycare and, not to forget, dog walking. Thus, for quality care, visit Elliotshouse with your furry companion!

Address: 230 Somerville Avenue, Somerville MA 02143

Timings: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm


Dog Training in Cambridge

Training is crucial for a well-behaved and friendly dog. Whether you're looking to train a new puppy or correct behavioral issues in an older dog, Cambridge offers several top-notch trainers.

Most of the time, choosing a suitable and effective dog trainer is a long process that may involve insurance verification, interrogations, trial sessions, and much more. Thus, for your ease, we have listed a few dog training services that specialize in their technique and care with pets and professionalism.


The Pet Republic, Power to the Pet

The Pet Republic has bided with their oath to train dogs with steadfast patience and enjoyment. They commit to training your dog with constructive learning and behavioral and psychological tactics and techniques. They induce a sense of bravery, discipline and control into your dogs. They turn your furry little creature into an adorable but confident beast on the principle of LIMA.

They usually have a dog training class calendar and follow their training schedules according to it; this ensures their consistency with the utmost dedication. These classes allow your pet to develop safety and training skills alongside character development. They offer group and private drilling sessions as well.

Address: 2400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

Timings: No specific timing


Good Dog Boston

The Good Dog Boston provides flexibility to its customers and pets regarding training and drills. Your dogs are trained based on the four etched principles: repetition, consistency, timings and rewards. The trainers here bond with your canine first, which develops trust with your pet and induces understanding amidst training.

They enrich the character and confidence of your pet with the perfect methodologies and techniques. Their training sessions include reward-based plans, which makes them exciting and fun. So, admit your dog for a drilling session at The Good Dog Boston to unlock a new side of your canine with supreme discipline.

Address: 43 May Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Timings: 8:00 am–8:00 pm


In Cambridge, Massachusetts, there are heroes who groom your canines and elevate their character building. These pet walkers, groomers and trainers unite the dog community and maintain discipline, amusement, and fun. As a pet owner, you must read reviews, acquire referrals, and visit with the service provider before choosing. This may ensure professionalism, reliance, trust, and quality of your pet walker or trainer, which may positively impact your furry pet. So, invest in quality services through inspections and speculations. This research is the dedication of your love for your pet's care and passionate love.

If you are a dog trainer or dog trainer and wish to be listed, please reach out and inquire. We will be very pleased to add you to the list! Email [email protected]

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