Shop-tastic Cambridge: Unleash Your Inner Elf at these Holiday Hotspots!

Shop-tastic Cambridge: Unleash Your Inner Elf at these Holiday Hotspots!

  • Maria Perez
  • 12/13/23

Cambridge is a hidden gem that transforms into a winter wonderland for holiday shoppers! Known for its eclectic blend of history, culture, and innovation, Cambridge offers a shopping experience as unique as its streets. From the charming boutiques of Harvard Square to the delightful surprises in Porter Square, each corner of this vibrant city holds something special for everyone on your holiday list. Whether you're seeking bespoke gifts for loved ones, the latest in fashion, or treasures that spark joy,

Cambridge's diverse squares are your go-to destinations. Join us on a festive journey through the heart of Cambridge, where every store and alleyway are brimming with the spirit of the holidays and the promise of finding that perfect gift.


For Her: Mint Julep Harvard Square

Mint Julep in Harvard Square is a charming boutique that stands as a treasure trove for women's fashion. This quaint shop offers an upmarket selection of stylish clothing and accessories, including sought-after designer pieces that cater to every taste. From trendy outfits to unique jewelry, the store is a haven for those who love to stay ahead of fashion trends. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or an entire ensemble, Mint Julep provides an intimate and personalized shopping experience.

Address: 43 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States, nestled within The Atrium.

For a closer look at their latest collections or to plan your visit, check out their website for more details. Mint Julep is not just a store; it's a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in fashion.


For Him: The Andover Shop

Since opening its doors in 1950, The Andover Shop in Harvard Square has been a cornerstone of classic men's fashion in Cambridge. This esteemed store, with its rich history of servicing students, professors, writers, and jazz musicians, brings an urban flair to the traditional Andover aesthetic. Known for its exquisite tailored suits, The Andover Shop is a haven for those who appreciate the art of fine dressing.

The store's collection extends beyond just formal wear. It offers a range of high-quality casual wear and accessories, ensuring that every aspect of a man's wardrobe is covered with elegance and style. Whether it's for a business meeting, a casual outing, or a special event, The Andover Shop provides attire that stands out in both quality and design.

Address: 22 Holyoke St, Cambridge, MA 02138

For more information or to explore their collection, visit their website or stop by the store. The Andover Shop isn't just about clothes; it's about upholding a legacy of style and sophistication for the discerning gentleman.


A Special something: Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

Rebekah Brooks Jewelry stands out as a premier destination for those seeking unique and handcrafted jewelry in Cambridge. This boutique specializes in creating pieces that are not just accessories, but works of art. Each item in their collection is meticulously crafted, reflecting a blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance.

The range of products at Rebekah Brooks Jewelry is extensive, catering to various tastes and occasions. Their offerings include newly designed pieces, engagement rings, wedding bands, and an exquisite selection of antique jewelry. For those looking for something truly unique, they provide necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and accessories, many of which are crafted in 14k gold. The store also specializes in creating custom pieces, allowing customers to own jewelry that is as unique as their personal stories.

Address: 17 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

For a glimpse into their stunning collection or for more detailed information, visit their website. Rebekah Brooks Jewelry is more than a store; it's a place where jewelry dreams come to life, blending craftsmanship with creativity. Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply treating yourself, their pieces are sure to add a touch of magic to any moment.


For the Little Ones: Henry Bear's Park in Porter Square

Henry Bear's Park in Porter Square is a vibrant wonderland that has been igniting the imaginations of children for over 45 years. As an independent toy store, it believes in the power of play as a critical part of physical, social, and mental growth. This colorful store is a treasure trove of high-quality, developmentally appropriate toys and games sourced from around the world, each chosen to inspire creativity, imagination, and exploration in children.

The store is an emporium of fun and educational toys that cater to different age groups, making it the perfect place to find a gift that is both enjoyable and beneficial for a child's development. From the latest children’s books to engaging games, every item in Henry Bear's Park is selected with the aim of enriching a child's play experience. It’s not just a store; it's a space where play is celebrated as one of life’s greatest gifts.

Address: 17 White St, Cambridge, MA 02140, United States, located in the Porter Square Shopping Center.

For more information or to check out their array of toys and games, visit their website. Henry Bear's Park offers in-store shopping, kerbside pickup, and delivery options, making it convenient for everyone to bring a bit of joy and wonder into the lives of their little ones.


For The Curious Minds : The Coop Harvard Square

The Coop Harvard Square, an institution founded in 1882 by a group of Harvard students, has evolved into an iconic destination for the intellectually curious. Originally established to provide affordable necessities like books and coal, The Coop has grown into a renowned bookstore and a hub for Harvard merchandise. Its rich history is a testament to its commitment to serving the academic community and beyond.

The Coop offers an extensive range of books and academic materials, catering to the diverse needs of students, professors, and lifelong learners. From the latest academic texts to a vast selection of literature, it's a treasure trove for book lovers. Additionally, The Coop is the go-to place for Harvard-themed items, providing a touch of Crimson pride to its array of products.

Harvard Square Coop Address: 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

The Coop also features a delightful section known as 'The Coop for Kids', where parents and children can explore a bright and engaging world of children's books. The store hosts Story Time sessions every Tuesday at 11 am, offering an inclusive selection of books for young readers and a wonderful opportunity for new parents to connect.

For a deeper look into their offerings or to plan your visit, check out their website. The Coop is not just a bookstore; it's a cornerstone of Harvard Square, offering a rich blend of academic resources, community engagement, and a deep connection to the history of Harvard and MIT.


For the Sports Fan: Patagonia and Allbirds in Harvard Square

For the sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, Harvard Square presents two premier destinations: Patagonia and Allbirds. Both stores are renowned for their commitment to quality and sustainability, making them the perfect stops for eco-conscious consumers.

Patagonia: Known globally for its sustainable outdoor clothing, Patagonia is a favorite among those who seek adventure while caring for the planet. The store offers a wide range of apparel designed for various outdoor activities, from hiking and climbing to surfing and skiing. Patagonia’s products are not only functional and durable but also made with environmentally responsible practices, reflecting their deep commitment to conservation and the outdoors.

Allbirds: Situated in The Atrium, Allbirds is a pioneer in eco-friendly footwear. This store in Cambridge, MA, caters to a wide range of activities, including running, hiking, and gym workouts, as well as offering comfortable options for everyday wear. Allbirds’ shoes are known for their innovative use of natural materials, providing comfort, style, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Both Patagonia and Allbirds in Harvard Square are more than just stores; they are part of a movement towards more sustainable and conscious consumerism in the realm of sports and outdoor activities. Whether you're gearing up for an adventure or looking for eco-friendly lifestyle options, these stores offer products that are as good for the planet as they are for your sporting needs.


For that special one that is one of a kind: Top Drawer Harvard Square

Top Drawer in Harvard Square is a haven for the creative and the original. This unique store caters to those who embrace a nomadic, artistic lifestyle, offering an array of items that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. It’s not just a store; it’s a destination for anyone seeking to express their creativity through high-quality tools and supplies.

At Top Drawer, you can find an exquisite collection of art supplies, stationery, and creative tools, each carefully curated from around the world. Their products combine the quality and craftsmanship reminiscent of a bygone era with a modern drive for independence, function, and stylish sustainability. Whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Top Drawer has something to inspire and facilitate your creative endeavors.

Top Drawer is located at 5 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138


Top Drawer is more than a supplier of artistic goods; it’s a celebration of a lifestyle that values productivity, well-being, and identity, influenced by the things we carry and use daily. The store's philosophy revolves around the idea that nomadism isn’t just about being on the move; it's about existing in a state where your tools and accessories enhance your work and your life, no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sketchbook, a unique piece of stationery, or tools that speak to your sense of style and sustainability, Top Drawer in Harvard Square is the place to explore.


For the Design Genius: Anthropologie Harvard Square

Anthropologie in Harvard Square is a dream destination for those with an eye for fashion, design and a heart for home decor. Since its inception in 1992, Anthropologie has established itself as a unique, full-lifestyle shopping destination, catering to the creative-minded and design-savvy individuals. The brand, part of the URBN portfolio of global consumer brands, is celebrated for its mostly exclusive assortment that spans across various facets of lifestyle.

The store is a treasure trove of chic home furnishings and decor items, each piece reflecting a distinct style and spirit. Anthropologie's offerings go beyond just beautifying spaces; they are about creating an environment that resonates with personal style and harmony. In addition to home décor, the store also features an exclusive range of clothing, shoes, and accessories, catering to those who prioritize self-expression and personal style over fleeting trends.

Anthropologie is not just about products; it's about building a community. The brand is in constant conversation with its creative-minded customer base, taking pride in its connection with individuals who value inspiration, knowledge, and experience. This ethos is evident in the thoughtful and personal approach they take in every aspect of their offerings.

Location: 48 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138-3705.

For design enthusiasts who take a thoughtful approach to both their personal fashion and home aesthetics, Anthropologie Harvard Square is a must-visit. The store offers an experience that goes beyond shopping, inviting customers to immerse themselves in a world of inspiration and boundless curiosity. Whether you're revamping your wardrobe or redecorating your living space, Anthropologie provides an array of choices that are as unique and adventurous as their customers.


For the Home Lover: Design Within Reach and Reside Inc.

Design Within Reach in Cambridge, Massachusetts! Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, the DWR store promises an unparalleled experience for design enthusiasts and those seeking to elevate their living spaces.

Commonly known as DWR, has established itself as a beacon for contemporary design since its inception. As we step into the Cambridge store, the ambiance is a seamless blend of sophistication and approachability. The curated displays showcase iconic pieces from renowned designers, making it a haven for those with a penchant for timeless elegance and functionality.

Design Within Reach is synonymous with bringing authentic, iconic designs within arm's reach. From classic mid-century modern pieces to cutting-edge contemporary creations, the store boasts a diverse collection that caters to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're a fan of Eames chairs, Noguchi tables, or modern lighting fixtures, DWR has it all.

Store Location: 1045 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, Mid Cambridge

Reside Inc. is a Boston and Cambridge destination for mid-century modern furnishings and decorative arts. They specialize in unique and vintage pieces., actively looking to purchase or consign.

Store location: 266 Concord Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138, West Cambridge


Cambridge, Massachusetts, stands out as a unique destination for holiday shopping, offering an array of stores each with its own charm and specialty. From the fashionable finds at Mint Julep and The Andover Shop to the creative treasures at Top Drawer, and the sustainable options at Patagonia and Allbirds, there's something for everyone. Add the exquisite jewelry at Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, the imaginative toys at Henry Bear's Park, and the stylish home décor at Anthropologie, and you have a shopping experience that’s as diverse as it is delightful.

This holiday season, venture into the heart of Cambridge and discover the perfect gifts that reflect the spirit of the city’s rich and varied character.  The Cambridge-based real estate group and team, Sandrine Deschaux + Co, wishes you a happy exploring.... and holiday season!


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