How to Stage and Sell your Cambridge Home?

How to Stage and Sell your Cambridge Home?

  • Sandrine Deschaux
  • 01/24/23

We stage. We sell. Home staging Cambridge homes.

The Sandrine Deschaux + Co group, a real estate agency based in Cambridge Mass, goes above and beyond. Not only does the team develop ahead of the curve marketing campaigns, tools and media to sell their Cambridge listings, they are involved from the get-go to prepare, style and stage your home.

We know our Cambridge market and cater to your buyers.

Cambridge is a very diverse city populated with a broad range of academics and professionals, rather young, rather international, with a career in Technology, Life science, Pharma and Biotech. Therefore, your home staging needs to be relevant to their design styles and tastes. Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z are today’s market.

The Why? The 4 Reasons to Stage.

The Sandrine Deschaux Group has incorporated in-house staging services and re-arrange and interpret your Cambridge interior so as to

  1. Allow buyer to understand the functionality of the space
  2. Allow buyer to visualize their own furniture in your walls
  3. Allow your home to capture buyers’ emotions and dreams.
  4. Create photogenic photographic lifestyle scene to boost traffic.

Our Staging Collection is timeless, a mix of warm minimalism furniture with famed designer’s modern pieces. We pride ourselves by calling on local artists to both promote their artwork and dress up our listings’ walls.


Staging is not furnishing.

Less is more. A good staging should allow the buyers to navigate through the space without encumbrance, understand that the house may have more than 10 individuals at a time at open houses, so allow an easy flow and circulation, while capturing the imagination.

Not one staging is alike because no layout is identical. Fine-tuning a staging set is always required to max out the visual appeal and circulation in your home.


We follow the Interior Design Trends.

Our Cambridge home staging services follows the popular design trends, and we adjust it to your specific interior.

  • Warm Minimalism: We create simple uncluttered spaces with clean lines and neutral colors. It creates a serene and uncluttered environment that promotes relaxation and calmness. We seek harmony.
  • Biophilic design with the incorporation of natural elements into the home. This can include using natural materials, but also bringing in greens, plants and flowers.
  • Textured and Mixed materials: These add depth and interest to a space while also being durable and easy to maintain. We layered beds to create a feel of luxurious comfort. We mix wood, steel and fabric to warm up the living room. We mix modern and eclectic to feel more familiar. We love grounding earth tones and calming neutrals.
  • Statement designer's pieces: Some properties call for a sense of grandeur and refined interior so we are using famed designer’s pieces to elevate the overall impression.
  • Pop of colors. Dark, rich and moody colors are back in style in 2023. Color trends change of a yearly basis sometimes are seasonal, so we refresh our stocks regularly to remain relevant

When staging, we aim to create a space that is both visually appealing, harmonious and functional.

We promote local Cambridge Artists. We love collaborations.

We have had the honor to work with abstract painter, Susan Coley, from the Bent Street Artist Association whose artwork is now represented by the Galerie D’Orsay in Boston. Isabelle Delaure, also a Cambridge resident and artist, has lent us many of her artwork and we are so grateful for her many collaborations. We love her “Gold” collections. Other collaborations include Michel Rajkovic for his fine art black and white photography and Benedicte Benoit Latour and her distinctive collages. The work of color expert and designer Liz Roache – whose studio is now based in Marblehead - brings joy and color to a white canva. We are fan!

We are also grateful for the collaboration with the designer team at Styylish for placing extraordinary custom furniture piece in our luxury listings. We were delighted to exhibit the Ginka Modern Chair as well as the custom made walnut Gianni bar / cocktail cabinet. Styylish represents Antique, Vintage and Modern Artisans around the world and has a shop in Belmont.

If you wish to be featured in one of our future listings, please reach out to Sandrine Deschaux.

We stage to Sell.  We list and Sell.

If you are thinking of selling your Cambridge or Somerville home - whether small or large, Victorian or Sleek modern home, please reach out to Cambridge real estate agent and team, Sandrine Deschaux, affiliated with RE/MAX.

She will not only provide you with a price or home valuation of your home, she will also propose a marketing strategy to sell and obviously the best course of actions to stage and make your Cambridge home shine, inspiring and get the best results. Call her today at 857.204.9872 or email




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